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for happy few

never worn
Show Room Edward Green Moscow was established in 2007 upon agreement with Mrs H. Freeman and was closed 2010. Displayed list shows some of my own pairs purchased in a legal way by manufacturer in Northampton, UK and are offered for sale on the private basis. For images Old Catalog (here) or ask Google or Edward Green (both registered trade marks). - an official web-site of the company. all requests and cooperation ideas: johnlobb /at/ yandex . ru (btw - domain is for sale as well!!!)


Remnants from Edward Green Show Room Moscow (unfortunately closed for public traffic)


  • Cadogan 7.5/8 202F Dark Oak
  • Chelsea 8/8.5 202F Chestnut Antique
  • Berkeley 8/8.5 202F Black
  • Berkeley 9/9.5 202F Dark Oak
  • Cadogan 9/9.5 202F Chestnut Antique
  • Chelsea 9/9.5 202F Chestnut Ant.
  • Malvern 9.5/10 202F Dark Oak
  • Chelsea 9.5/10 202F Dark Oak
  • Malvern 9,5/10 202F Chestnut Ant.
  • Chelsea 10/10.5 202F Black
  • Berkeley 10.5/11 202F Dark Oak
  • Cadogan 11/11.5 202F Black
nothing for you? ask me!
farewell . for happy few ! 3 1 Pair Shoe-Trees Original Edward Green + 1 can Original Edward Green Fine Shoe Polish +1 Burgol Brush 3 : 1 Pair Shoe-Trees Original Edward Green + 1 can Original La Cordonnerie Anglais Paris Shoe Polish. - .
: johnlobb /at/ (domain is for sale as well!!!)

Old Catalog


CHELSEA Chestnut Antique
BERKELEY Dark Oak Antique
CADOGAN Chestnut Antique
MALVERN Burgundy Antique
BERKELEY Tobacco Suede
CANTERBURY Chestnut Antique
Unlined Casuals
HYTHE Burnt Pine Antique
LADBROKE Chestnut Antique
HARROW Dark Oak Antique
BEAULIEU Dark Oak Antique
PELHAM Acorn Antique
MILLFIELD Chestnut Antique

Lined Casuals

BELGRAVIA Burgundy Antique
PICCADILLY Dark Oak Antique
MONTPELLIER Chestnut Antique
TUNSTALL Burgundy Antique
WIGMORE Chestnut Antique
PRESTWICK Dark Oak Antique


ELMSLEY Brunt Pine Antique
WINDERMERE Chestnut Antique
HOLBORN Tobacco Suede
CARDIFF Chestnut Antique
SANDRINGHAM Brunt Pine Antique
LIMERICK Acorn Antique
TROON Chestnut Antique
WESTMINSTER Chestnut Antique
PERTH Chestnut Antique
FALMOUTH Chestnut Antique
FALMOUTH Coffee Suede


GALWAY Coffee Suede
BANBURY Mahogany Country Calf Antique
DOVER Almond Country Calf Antique
DUNDEE Almond Country Calf Antique
SANDRINGHAM Almond Country Calf Antique




Almond Country Calf Antique VELDTSHOEN
GALWAY Heather Gorse
DUNDEE Heather Gorse
DOVER Heather Gorse


NEWMARKET Tobacco Suede
GRESHAM Chestnut Antique
WARWICK Chestnut Antique
HALIFAX Mahogany Coutry Calf
LOMOND Chestnut Antique
BANBURY Mahogany Coutry Calf Antique

Made to order

DOVER Black 606 last Double leather sole
DOVER Almond Coutry Calf Antique 202 last Double leather sole
DOVER Heather Gorse 505 last Ridgeway sole
Customers can order shoes to be
made wespecially according to the style
and details of their choice

Rubber Soles

As well as natural
chestnut tanned leather soles, there is
a choise of rubber soles, giving
extra grip on slippery pavements
or for country walking

Rubber Soles


OPERA Black Patent
CARNEGIE Black Patent
ALBERT Olive Velvet
ROYAL ALBERT Scarlet Suede
John Hlustik, the man behind Edward Green, has recently taken the opportunity to evolve a further range of
superlative shoes. He has developed a new last 'The Bespoke', based on the renowned 202 but with elements
of the 88` this new last is elegant and comfortable.
The leather is fine calf and the construction is equal to that of customary Edward Green standarts.
CHURCHILL Fine Black Calf
MACMILLAN Fine Black Calf
ASQUITH Fine Black Calf
GLADSTONE Fine Black Calf
CHURCHILL Fine Black Calf
CHURCHILL Fine Black Calf
CHURCHILL Fine Black Calf
CHURCHILL Fine Black Calf


CHELSEA Peanut brittle
MALVERN III Chestnut & twill
PRESTWICK Chestnut & twill
TROON Chestnut & twill


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